House of the Ślebarski Family

House of the Ślebarski Family
Rynek Główny 14
32-600 Oswiecim
89 m from city centre
GPS: 50°02'18"N 19°13'17"E

At the beginning of the 19th century a spacious, two storey house was built in the northern frontage of the Main Market Square. It was erected by Michał Ślebarski, who at that time was the chief priest of the parish of the Assumption. It is a brick, plastered building, with cellars, a ground floor and a top floor, with neo-classical characteristics. A pillared porch on the main entrance axis protrudes before the building’s facade on the ground floor; it is surrounded with a balustrade on the first floor, and up on the wall it is marked only by pilasters in-between windows and a triangular abutment (pediment) on the roof.

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