Palace of Wedding

Palace of Wedding
ul. Jagiełły 25
32-600 Oswiecim
184 m from city centre
GPS: 50°02'07"N 19°13'14"E
Dr Antoni Ślosarczyk built his house between 1903-1912. Its style features many historical allusions, with the majority of neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque elements. It is a brick building with two floors and a cellar, built on a rectangular plan, with a projection in the northwestern corner and a porch facing the garden. The porch is accessible from the outside through a flight of steps with a landing. The building is covered with a mansard roof; the projection has a broach roof. In the past, along the eastern wall of the building, there was a big garden, which is a car park today. The house used to be called a “small castle” or “small palace” thanks to the highly decorative mansard dormer windows and the projection resembling a turret. At present the building is also called the Palace of Weddings, because after its conservation and modernization, the former Births, Marriages and Deaths Register Office was transferred here. On the top floor, there is a beautiful wedding room with a separate entrance from the garden. For the past several years, the building has also housed the seat of the Oświęcim Municipal Council.

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